Why Brushing Your Tongue Is Important

Why Brushing Your Tongue Is Important

Posted by DR.OGIE Mar 10,2022

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Brushing twice every day and flossing are good oral hygiene staples. But is brushing your tongue also necessary? The short answer is yes.

Read on to learn why it is important to brush your tongue and visit Robert A. Ogie, DDS, in Yuma, Arizona, for the best dental treatments and procedures that can help you maintain your oral health.

Why Is It Essential to Brush Your Tongue?

Studies show that your mouth is home to 20 million bacteria at any given time. Out of these, gram-positive bacteria are found in plaque and gram-negative bacteria fester in the crevices and pits of your tongue. 

A regular tongue cleaning regime helps:

Prevent Periodontal Disease

Cleaning your tongue prevents biofilm buildup, which is often the cause of dental caries and periodontitis. This helps prevent tooth loss and inflammation, as well as other health risks including stroke, diabetes, kidney diseases, and cardiac disorders.

Prevent Black Hairy Tongue

When there is too much bacteria buildup on your tongue, it may lead to the growth of yeast. This yeast builds upon the papillae and looks like black hair. This condition can also lead to inflammation, nausea, and bad taste.

Freshen Breath

This study found that most bacteria in the mouth are anaerobic i.e. they don’t need oxygen to develop. They produce sulfur compounds as byproducts that also cause bad breath. Regular tongue cleaning helps prevent this bacteria buildup and ensures fresh breath.

Improve Sense of Taste

Plaque and biofilm buildup on the tongue can dull your sense of taste. When these deposits are cleaned off regularly, it’s easier to enjoy the taste of your favorite foods.

How to Clean Your Tongue? 

A healthy tongue is pink with tiny bumps or papillae covering its surface. Here are some cleaning tips to ensure your tongue stays clean and healthy:


This simple tool is enough for a great cleaning session. Just move it along your tongue with back and forth movements and make sure you cover all the surfaces. 

Tongue Scraper

Tongue brushing may make some people gag. So, you can use a tongue scraper as an alternative. To use it, stick out your tongue as much as you can and scrape outward, using gentle movements. Just make sure not to press the scraper too hard.

To learn more about why brushing your tongue is important, call Robert A. Ogie, DDS, at (928) 726-9292 or visit us at 2730 W, 16th Street, Yuma, Arizona 85364.

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