Robert A. Ogie DDS

(19) General Dentistry
(Translated by Google) Very good service and very professional (Original) Muy buen servicio y muy profesional
The Dentist and hygienist are excellent. They made my experience very pleasant. Thank you
I went to Robert Ogie's office after a series of poor work done by my prior dentist that resulted in me having a tooth extracted. I came to his office after being referred to him and now I can see why. He and his employees are such great people! I take dental hygiene very seriously and so does this office. Melissa does a great job cleaning and is very personable. The entire office staff greets you with a smile. My husband HATES the dentist and I finally convinced him to see Ogie's office after a few years of dental-vacay!! He was pleasantly surprised that they had an entire game plan set for him and appointments set on the calendar for work to be done and even his NEXT cleaning-- which is something his prior dentist never did. This sort of customer service keeps us honest with our teeth and health. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Thank's Dr. Ogie I Went in Stressed and Came Out Blessed.
The good doctor is very friendly, he talked to me all throughout the procedure to make me feel better and know what's going on. His staff is funny and friendly and kept me well informed. I'm glad he's my dentist!
Great dentist & hygienists! I'm a military spouse and I definitely recommend! They are always on schedule. I'm usually in and out in well under an hour for cleanings. Absolutely great experience. (Melissa is the best! Enjoyable to talk to.)
Dr. Robert Orgie and his team really go above and beyond for his patients I would definitely recommend Dr. Robert
I am a new Yuma resident and I needed to find a new dentist. Previously I was living in California having visited the same dentist for over 23 years having provided me excellent service. He is a hard act to follow-so to speak. I was a bit nervous about finding another good dentist who I would trust that is experience, providing excellent work and also friendly. Last week I went to go see Dr. Ogie last week for the first time. His Office staff were very friendly and made sure that my dental insurance included Dr. Ogie, i.e. in-network dentist by calling to be sure. Dr. Ogie did a very through all job examining my teeth by reviewing the x-rays taken by utilizing state-of-the X-ray instrumentation as well as carefully visually probing for any abnormalities including cancer. He only noticed that one of my molars had a crown that is chipped. He told me that I could wait until whenever it gets worse as it was not really all that bad at this point. I was so relieved as my private dental insurance does not cover crowns. What a honest dentist!! I did mention to him about an infection that had been occurring on my bottom gum that would come and go. He believed it was due to the unusually wide gap between my teeth. Said could not really do anything about the gap as teeth are too close together. He had recommended that I use a waterpik as flossing was no enough to remove trapped food that was likely causing the problem. I know that his diagnosis was correct since I did have some that he had mentioned the probable cause with food getting stuck at times in that spot. The table top waterpik that he had recommended is working quite nicely. On my second visit, Melissa who is Dr. Ogie's Dental Hygienist who has worked with him the last 16 years did a marvelous job cleaning and polishing my teeth. I was a bit nervous about the second visit as it had been awhile since my last cleaning. She took her time (it was a lot of work) and was extremely nice as a person and highly skilled at her work, like Dr. Ogie. I felt very comfortable with their services. The office overall is very clean, modern and a very comfortable place to visit. Everyone is extremely friendly and I will definitely continue to visit them for all of my dental needs. I highly recommend Dr. Ogie as a great dentist to visit along with Melissa and his staff. Great People!
Dr Ogie's office has a calm and clean atmosphere. He and his staff are so sweet and professional. I do not like going to the dentist, but I am always happy to see them. :)
I know - kinda weird to yelp about a dentist, but I must say that Dr Ogies office is filled with caring personell. They are very nice, they all treat you with respect and they dont try to sell you stuff. I really like this dental office... but I'm not trying to fool you, I still hate going to the dentist. ..und das ist nach der Kritiker
My wife says that Dr. Ogie is the best dentist she has ever been too. I will be changing to this office soon too! Staff is very friendly and office is comfortable.

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