Metal Partials

Metal Partials

What are Partial Dentures?

If you have lost 2 or 3 teeth, partial dentures would be the best option for you to restore your beautiful smile. 

Partial Denture Procedure

During the partial denture procedure, your dentist will take your dental impressions and measurements to manufacture custom-made partials in a dental laboratory. The dentist will check the partial's fittings during the next sitting to ensure that the shape, color, and alignment are right. If it's correct, the partials will be cast in the area where the teeth are missing.

Partials can be created out of a metal and acrylic composition or completely out of acrylic. The choice of the material and the design will be selected on the basis of the patient's specific needs and teeth anatomy. 

Metal partial dentures are made from an alloy of cobalt and chromium. They are lighter to wear and can be supported by the remaining teeth. Although metal partials base is metal, they have gum-colored plastic and natural-looking teeth fixed to them. 

Metal partials are thinner and more hygienic than acrylic partial. Acrylic partials are typically used as a transitional or temporary partial. 

Your partial dentures will be designed so that the chewing forces are evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the remaining teeth and soft tissues. We may recommend some changes to your remaining teeth to help equalize these forces.


The main benefit of partials is that they will help limit the movement of your existing natural teeth, thus allowing for grinding and chewing food better to improve digestion.

What to expect?

  • During the initial times, your new partials may feel awkward or bulky. However, this is normal, and you will eventually become accustomed to having it. 
  • It needs some practice to insert and remove the partial denture.

  • Fitting the partials into place is relatively easy and doesn't need much force. Follow the instructions given by your dentist; never force the partial denture into position by biting down. 
  • Follow the instructions given by your dentist regarding how long the denture should be worn and when it should be removed.
  • After having dentures, start out by eating soft foods that are cut into small pieces. Also, try to chew on both sides of the mouth to keep even pressure. Avoid extremely sticky or hard foods during the adjustment period.
  • Partial dentures are supposed to help improve your speech. Therefore, if you find it difficult to pronounce certain words, practice reading out loud; you will become accustomed to speaking properly with your partial denture with time.

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