A cracked or broken denture can be one of the most frustrating and difficult things to experience for patients with dentures. When the denture becomes damaged, it can cause pain and difficulty while eating, chewing, and speaking much.

A broken denture needs to be repaired correctly by a dental professional to restore its functionality and comfort. If you have a broken denture, we will fix it for you - we will examine which part of the restoration failed and offer the best solution for repairing it.  We have the special denture adhesives, acrylics, and professional-grade artificial teeth to repair dentures' various aspects as needed.

Typically, when dentures break, any of these below mentioned things could happen:

  • A tooth chips or breaks.
  • The denture remains intact, but a piece of the pink acrylic has been broken.
  • Then entire denture became broken/cracked
  • The metal clasp that is used for a partial denture is broken

Denture - Repair

If the denture has suffered only a minute crack, or if you have lost a single tooth, or some of your teeth have loosened, repairing dentures is usually a simple task. However, if your denture has suffered a significant break, restoring it will depend on whether it is broken into larger pieces and you have been able to retain all of the pieces. Also, dentures that have been worn for years may need replacement if they crack or break. 

Why shouldn't you fix broken dentures at home?

If you have a broken denture, do not attempt to fix them at home by yourself with some glue. This is because special non-toxic materials are needed to create and repair dentures; it is better to leave it in experts' hands.  


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