Resin Fillings

Resin Fillings

If you have cavities caused due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar, composite resin fillings are the best method of restoring teeth. Many types of materials, including amalgam and gold, are available to make fillings, but composite fillings are a popular choice as they match the color of teeth and look natural. Composite fillings can be used for many purposes, including restoring decayed, cracked, worn, or broken teeth and repair stained teeth. 

When placing composite fillings, your dentist matches the shade of the composite directly to your tooth color. Then, he bonds the filling to the tooth with special adhesives and hardens it.

Benefits of composite resin fillings

  • Composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing than other fillings. They look natural and mimic the appearance of natural teeth.
  • Composite resin fillings are made from dental-grade composite resin, which is a biocompatible material and does not cause any toxic reactions with the teeth' natural tissues.
  • Placing the composite fillings is simple and easy and can be done in a single appointment at the dentist. 
  • Composite fillings are very durable and last for a longer period. 
  • Once composite resin fillings are placed, it prevents microbes from entering the cavity and causing reinfection.
  • Since composite resin fillings will adhere directly to the inside of your tooth, it can support the weakened structure better than the amalgam fillings that do not actually bond with your tooth. 
  • Since composite fillings bond with the dental walls, your dentist will not have to reshape your tooth much. 

There are probabilities that metal fillings can expand or contract when exposed to temperature variations for a long period. This can lead to the weakening of the tooth. Composite fillings do not change shape but remain stable even when exposed to temperature variations. 

Silver amalgam contains a small quantity of mercury, which is linked to many health conditions like memory loss, infertility, high blood pressure, etc. Mercury is harmful to pregnant women and unborn children too. Though it is not proved yet that dental restorations contain enough mercury to be harmful, since mercury-free composite fillings are available, they can be chosen if possible.

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