Take Home Kit

Take Home Kit

In our dental office, we also use whitening trays for teeth whitening. This procedure is very effective, and patients can control how much whitening they need for their teeth. This is mostly offered for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in their own homes' comfort and privacy.

These kits come with customized application trays, and hence, unlike store-bought kits, our teeth whitening trays reduce tooth sensitivity and gum irritation risks. Take-home kits gradually lighten enamel and are a wonderful option for people who would prefer teeth whitening at home.

The teeth whitening procedure starts with taking an impression of the patient's teeth. This impression is used to create customized whitening trays in our dental lab. The customization allows perfect for the trays around your teeth, preventing the leakage of solution into the mouth. By using this method, patients can whiten their teeth at any time. Patients are provided with a whitening solution they can use at home, and they need to wear the trays for a couple of hours every night for a week or more till they achieve their desired teeth whitening level. This solution is portable, making it possible for people to whiten teeth from anywhere.

If used properly, dental whitening trays can help achieve good, effective results. The patient will be asked to wear the trays filled with the whitening gel every night for the prescribed period.

The main advantages of a take-home whitening kit are convenience and cost. However, this will take more time than the whitening procedure conducted at the office, and you may also experience discomfort from wearing the trays at night. If you use this teeth whitening option, you must wear the trays as prescribed to achieve the desired results. You can re-use the trays in the future if you want; you just need more gel.

We often recommend a combination of teeth whitening and using the take-home trays for the best teeth whitening results. The treatment at our office provides instant teeth whitening, while the trays deliver even more whitening over time.

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